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Su Baoxun (Xiao Xin) in order to improve the lighting quality of the inner ring elevated road, ensure the safety of citizens at night, and speed up the construction of energy-saving and environmental friendly green Suzhou, Suzhou Urban Lighting Management Office plans to start the West Ring Elevated LED lighting improvement and transformation project at night today. This is also one of the ten key work to promote the industrialization of knowledge-based materials in Suzhou urban management in 2018 to achieve a qualitative improvement in huge output and the maintenance of high battery impact testing machines

it is understood that at present, the west ring elevated road uses traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, which have been running for more than ten years, and there are problems such as the decline of illumination, aging and corrosion of lamp arms, etc. More than 230 sets of high-power LED lamps replaced this time have passed many tests in the early stage, meeting the requirements of Expressway use, and have better stability, comfort, lighting quality, service life and power saving effect

in order to alleviate the pressure of road traffic and minimize the impact on citizens' travel, the municipal lighting office will organize personnel to stagger peak construction from today. After the project is carried out, the construction personnel will carry out the reconstruction construction from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. every Sunday to Thursday. During this period, if such new materials are approved by the state, a lane near the street lights will be closed to remind citizens to slow down and pay attention to safety when passing this road section during the construction period

in the next step, the municipal lighting office will also successively implement street lamp reconstruction for Xinzhuang interchange, Beiyan, suyuzhang connecting line, etc., to improve the lighting quality of elevated and interchange roads

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