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International Rubber and plastic Exhibition: more than 2900 enterprises returned to Yangcheng International Rubber and plastic exhibition

on May 20, the international rubber and plastic exhibition was grandly opened at the China Import and export commodities trading exhibition hall in Pazhou, Guangzhou, to show the world's manufacturing industry a forward-looking business platform that focuses on sustainable development and integrates rubber and plastic applications and innovative technologies

since its establishment in 1983, the international rubber and plastic exhibition has relied on the continuous growth of the domestic rubber and plastic industry, and the scale of the exhibition has expanded rapidly. The exhibition area reached a new high, reaching 220000 square meters for the first time, a significant increase of 22% over the Guangzhou Exhibition in 2011

2900 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions around the world exhibited more than 3200 machines and the latest rubber and plastic chemicals and raw materials, an increase of 28% over the machinery exhibited last year. In addition, the exhibition was supported by exhibition groups from 15 countries and regions, including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States

in order to attract the attention of the audience, what are the functional characteristics and precautions of many exhibitors? 1. The functional characteristics and measurement and control system of the horizontal tension testing machine of steel wire rope adopt the fine measurement and control system of advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement and full digital closed-loop control. They are carefully prepared and compete to show their killer Maces. In terms of equipment, for example, in order to assist in enterprise automation, Wittmann Battenfeld showed the newly launched weighing mixing technology and w808 manipulator; Foshan Barton Phil Cincinnati exhibited con ex, a new series of conical twin-screw extruders; Yaqi group launched lin-90-tsi25l barrel automatic bottle blowing machine for the packaging industry, which can realize the production of single die and double die of L industrial barrel; The Hong Kong Mold Association shows a series of cutting-edge equipment, such as five axis numerical control tool machines made in Hong Kong, 24000 RPM high-speed machines, composite carbon metal, in fact, are not high-tech products, original precision forming processing and camder five axis drilling and milling composite machine tools, etc

Mr. zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., the organizer of the exhibition, said that this year's exhibition focused on the advantages of plastic building materials. Plastic building materials are widely used in construction engineering, municipal engineering, rural construction and industrial construction. It can not only replace a large number of traditional building materials, but also has the advantages of saving energy and materials, protecting the ecology, improving the living environment, improving the function and quality of buildings, and plays an important role in promoting the development of green buildings. We hope that through this concurrent event, all sectors of society will understand the contribution of plastic technology to energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry. In addition to its excellent function, plastics can also bring new breakthroughs in architectural design

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