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More than 1800 new streetlights light up the prosperity on both sides of the Yangtze River in Wuhan.

the picture shows: the Avenue on both sides of the main axis of the Yangtze River is flowing with color, and the night river city is dazzling and beautiful.

the picture shows: on the evening of the 21st, new streetlights were installed on Hankou Yanjiang Avenue.

Yu Guo xulidong, correspondent of Chutian Metropolis Daily Cao Lei. Photograph: Song Zhentao of Chutian Metropolis Daily.

on the evening of the 21st, in front of the bell tower of Wuhan pass on Hankou Yanjiang Avenue, the shape is elegant The bright new street lamps light up one by one. At the same time, the new lights of the demonstration section of the left bank Avenue (Minquan road - the Second Yangtze River Bridge) and the demonstration section of the right bank Avenue (Wuhan Conservatory of music - Erqi Yangtze River Bridge) of the main axis of the Yangtze River were lit up. The more than 1800 new street lights on these two lights connect the prosperity on both sides of Wuhan. Wuhan on the Yangtze River is far lower than the 200 (300) kg usage of developed countries. The urban night picture has made a new appearance

the "Lady" on the left bank is retro and elegant

at 8 p.m. on the 21st, the models below 10kN in Wuhan along the River Avenue were rarely closed, and the crowd was streaming under the bell tower. The cool wind made people who came to visit feel comfortable. "Are these street lights just changed? The shape is very interesting." In front of the Changhang building, Ms. Liu, a citizen, pointed to a street lamp in front of her and said to her boyfriend, "does the lampshade look like a women's hat?"

seeing that the new street lamp here is in the shape of a dome with low eaves, it looks like an inverted bell, quite like the classic 1920s women's hat "bell shaped hat", looking round, exquisite and retro elegant

it is understood that the left and right bank avenue of the main axis of the Yangtze River is Wuhan's welcoming gateway landscape Avenue, and it is also a window to comprehensively display Wuhan's historical and cultural accumulation and modern civilization achievements. Liu Qing, deputy leader of the second maintenance team of Wuhan street lamp management service center, said that the lamp type design of the two roads is integrated with their respective surrounding landscapes. "The left bank Avenue has unique historical features and international customs, and the street lamp shape is more 'Lady'."

Liu Qing said that the 300 Watt LED light source is selected for the new street lamp lighting, which is efficient and energy-saving, and the color temperature is warm, which has a very good color rendering effect on the old building stones. The lamp pole extracts the circular scroll and other modeling elements of the ionic column, which has a slender and beautiful female color, and can also better foil the atmosphere of the surrounding historical blocks. The whole lamp design is perfectly integrated with the century old buildings on the Riverside Avenue

the "Xiake" on the right bank is modern and bright

the style of the newly changed street lights on the left bank Avenue is like a "Lady", while the style of the street lights on the right bank Avenue is like a "Xiake", which shines across the bank

at about 9 p.m., come to the right bank Avenue, where the street lamps with the theme of "Xiake" are simple and fluent. Tangzhewen, the project manager of the Engineering Department of Wuhan street lamp management service center, introduced that the right bank Avenue is the Wuhan marathon segment, and the "Han marathon segment" is newly replaced with a simple light type, which complements the athletes' brisk pace, and jointly highlights the modern temperament of the city

it is noted that the square shaped street lamps stand neatly on both sides of the avenue, and along the avenue are seal stone carvings, which are quite ancient. Tall French Wutong trees and tall street lights complement each other, and the brilliance between the green leaves forms a poetic light band

according to the street lamp management service center of Wuhan power supply company, 412 new street lamps were installed in the 4.5-kilometer demonstration section of the left bank avenue of the Yangtze River, and 1458 new street lamps were installed in the 11.38-kilometer demonstration section of the right bank Avenue

the new street lamp pole has various functions

in addition to the classic and generous shape, we also learned that all the new street lamps on the left and right bank Avenue this time adopt new high light source LED lamps, which have good continuous lighting, long service life, durability, and a variety of functional interfaces are reserved on the pole body, making the "Centennial plan" possible

according to the relevant person in charge of Wuhan street lamp management and service center, the general weight of street lamp poles is about 150 to 200 kg, while this batch of lamp poles weigh about 600 kg, and a single lamp cap weighs 35 kg, which is very solid because of excessive materials

in addition, the street lamps of the left and right bank Avenue are mostly laid in the old urban area with complex underground pipelines and fragile geological conditions. Wuhan street lamp management service center takes quality first and renovates the underground pipe group with more advanced construction methods, so that the pipelines can be better protected

at the same time, the lamp poles selected for this batch of street lamps are multi-purpose, integrating the functions of street lamps, monitoring, traffic signs, etc., with built-in lightning protection devices, and space and interfaces are reserved, which makes it possible for the later intelligent upgrading and multi-function expansion of lamp poles, and provides support for the informatization of the whole city

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a hundred years ago, the street lights in Wuhan were as weak as fireflies

in 1843, the earliest street lights in China appeared on the streets of Shanghai. They were kerosene lamps, which were artificially lit and extinguished in the early morning. It was not until 1879 that a 10 horsepower internal combustion engine was used to generate electricity at the foreign ship dock that the first electric light in China was lit

the first street lamp in Wuhan, which appeared in 1893, is also an oil lamp for factory self-contained lighting. Later, German and Japanese manufacturers also successively installed street lamps for street lighting

according to historical records, in May 1906, at No. 8, boundary road, Hankou, which is now the intersection of Hankou Hezuo road and Poyang street, British businessmen established Hankou electric light company and installed street lamps, and Wuhan street lighting entered the electric light era

in August 1908, the dawangmiao power plant of Jiji hydropower company, founded by Chinese businessmen, was put into power generation, with a total capacity of 1500 kW, ranking among the top private electrical undertakings in the country. At this point, the development of Wuhan street lamps has a foundation. With the development of Jiji hydropower company, Wuhan street lamps have also been continuously developed

the mother-in-law of citizen Zhou qundi, who was born in 1924, recalled that at that time, there were few street lights, and the light was as weak as fireflies, and only the old Wuhan people who lived near the concession had the opportunity to see such a rare thing, "if someone saw it, it would be like encountering something good, showing it around." Wuhan cultural and historical materials also confirmed this: "at that time, only the French Concession and the British concession and other downtown areas in Hankou were equipped with street lamps. These street lamps were under the jurisdiction of the concessions, and the low-voltage user lines supplied power. The higher the hardness, a worker named Wan Guoqing was employed. He pushed a cart and was responsible for maintaining, repairing and changing bulbs. According to the statistical data at that time, there were only more than 70 street lamps in Hankou and Wuchang."

now, the rare things of a hundred years ago have been shining on the streets of Wuhan. By February this year, the total number of street lights in Wuhan has reached 186336. Street lamps have witnessed the rapid development of people's living standards

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