More than 180 exhibitors gathered at IPEX South As

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more than 180 exhibitors gathered at IPEX South Asia Exhibition

the expected IPEX South Asia exhibition has been grandly opened on October 24. According to the organizer of this exhibition, Guoyan exhibition group, it has attracted more than 180 exhibitors from India and abroad

this exhibition held in New Delhi, India is said to be the largest printing exhibition in South Asia, and has attracted well-known enterprises such as gaobao, Canon, Xerox, HP, ISCO, tharstern, EFI vutek, Pitney Bowe and Cohen for the first time. In addition, it is from the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, the United States Exhibitors from the United Arab Emirates, China and other countries also showed great enthusiasm for building a platform for the exhibition performance

this year's IPEX South Asia exhibition will focus on: prepress with chemical resistance, mechanical resistance and thermal stress resistance, digital printing system, printing machinery and consumables, and post press processing system

Trevor Crawford, exhibition manager of IPEX South Asia, said: we are very happy to hold such a successful printing exhibition in South Asia

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