More than 100 big data artificial intelligence exh

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More than 100 big data AI exhibits were unveiled in a centralized manner

original title: more than 100 big data AI exhibits were unveiled in a centralized manner

on May 18, children experienced the robot cross-country obstacle race at the robot experience center in Luopu village. Chief xiezhiqiang

our news (Zhang Yizhu) expression scoring, eyes hitting hamsters, robot fun games... On May 18, 2019 Chongqing Science and technology week was officially launched in Chongqing Garden Expo Park. More than 40 units brought more than 100 cutting-edge science and technology and popular science exhibits based on big data and artificial intelligence, which were collectively displayed in the future life experience exhibition, attracting many citizens to visit and experience

according to the introduction, the theme of this year's science and technology week is "strengthening the country through science and technology, popularizing science and benefiting the people", and the main venue is located in the Garden Expo Park

at the future life experience exhibition, the organizer selected more than 100 cutting-edge technologies from more than 40 units and the production range of Keqi's intermediate aramid and aramid paper, which are listed as the second most popular exhibits in the world, involving big data, artificial intelligence, information technology, smart home and other fields. The new technologies, products and achievements displayed pay attention to interactivity, participation and interest, Let citizens feel the great changes that technological innovation has brought to their lives in an interactive experience

Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has brought two interactive games, "iso10508:1995 scoring of thermoplastic pipes and fittings for expression hot and cold water systems" and "eyes hitting hamsters". In the game of "expression scoring", when people face the large screen, the machine can quickly recognize the expression of the experimenter and score the expression

"groundhog" game is based on the visual focus tracking and face recognition technology of the security inspection and map judgment personnel working state management system, and realizes the game experience of "groundhog" through the duration of the viewpoint. Relevant technologies have been applied in the security inspection of airports, railway stations and other public places

the robot Fun Games brought by the robot experience center in luotou village attracted the attention of many citizens

"'darwin 'robot is 45 cm tall and weighs 3 kg. Although it is not big, it has advanced computing ability, image recognition ability, cutting-edge sensors, high load capacity and dynamic mobility. It has won the championship in international famous robot competitions from robot imports to its own production of the world cup." Robot workers in luotou village said that these technological achievements can be applied in aerospace, security, disaster relief, military and other fields

in addition, the exhibition also set up a "science popularization lecture hall". Experts from Chongqing CDC, Chongqing customs, Chongqing Medical University and other units, therefore, waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot topic for future development. Science popularization lectures were held on topics such as nutrition and health, food safety, disease prevention and control. At the same time, a "popular science cultural and creative market" was set up for the first time, introducing popular science products such as robots and aircraft models

it is reported that the exhibition will last until May 20, during which the Garden Expo Park will be open to primary and secondary school students in the city free of charge

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