More than 10 paper mills in the most spark gun bas

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More than 10 paper mills in the fireworks base actively rectified, with a total investment of more than 30million

release date: Source: Changsha Evening News

a small town with 18 paper-making enterprises. Because residents reported prominent environmental protection problems, the local government attached great importance to it, and set up a rectification leading group to issue a rectification plan. At present, 14 of the 18 paper-making enterprises are actively reforming, with a total investment of more than 30million

According to the "Changsha Evening News", Dayao Town, Liuyang City, Hunan Province, is the first batch of Characteristic Towns in China and the national distribution center of fireworks raw and auxiliary materials. The service life of polycarbonate materials is more guaranteed in the town. There is a fireworks material manufacturing industry base, with a total of 18 paper-making enterprises, which mainly produce corrugated paper. The annual output of corrugated paper plus the clock value is about 1billion, employing nearly 2000 people, which can be said to be one of the local pillar industries

however, paper-making enterprises objectively have environmental protection problems. Although the local government has guided enterprises to invest a lot of money in equipment, process and other aspects for rectification in recent years, the surrounding people are still reflecting that the odor still exists and the noise is annoying. I hope the government can solve it

the Liuyang municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to this. In August this year, they set up a leading group for the rectification of environmental problems in the fireworks material manufacturing industry base, issued a rectification plan, and proposed 10 measures, including the installation of waste gas collection facilities and the adoption of vibration and noise reduction measures for high-noise equipment such as pulpers. According to the investigation, Dayao town issued the "one factory one policy to improve the aesthetic feeling" to the paper enterprises to strengthen the rectification plan

the total investment is more than 30million for rectification

the relevant person in charge of Dayao town said: "among the 18 paper-making enterprises, except for 4 actively applying for shutdown, the remaining 14 are actively carrying out rectification, with a total investment of more than 30million. It is expected to resume work after passing the acceptance at the end of this month."

it can be seen in the production workshop of Jiujiu paper that a brand-new gas collecting cover is installed at the drying cylinder, next to which are several huge transmission pipelines and a waste gas washing and spraying tower. Nie Huazhou, the person in charge of the company, said that the fireworks paper is made of waste paper, so it is inevitable that there are some impurities. The peculiar smell is produced in the process of beating and drying. "Now collect the waste gas, neutralize it in the spray tower, and the components of the odor will condense and decompose."

Yongtai paper production workshop is a steel structure greenhouse with poor sound insulation effect. During production, pulpers, refiners, motors and conveyor belts will produce large sounds, especially at night, which will affect the sleep of 20 or 30 villagers behind the workshop under small deformation conditions. To this end, the company installed three layers of sound insulation walls in the 2500 square meter workshop, and wrapped the motor and other equipment in the form of cubicles, striving to minimize the noise

the rectification with such a large investment has made the production environment of local paper enterprises take on a new look. The relevant person in charge of Dayao town said that Dayao will further fight against pollution and develop the upstream and downstream industrial chain of fireworks with high quality on the basis of providing a good ecological environment for the masses

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