More than 110 potential suppliers have been consul

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More than 110 potential suppliers have won the request for proposal of China's large aircraft project

the editor said, "lift the strength of the country and gather the wisdom of the country". More than 110 potential suppliers, including private enterprises, have broad potential development space! On the 27th, the "comac919 large passenger aircraft domestic supplier conference" was held by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, the main body of China's large aircraft project, after the supplier received the request for proposals for China's large aircraft project. The request for proposals was issued to more than 110 potential suppliers, including local private enterprises and enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan

this should be selected according to the situation. It is understood that issuing the request for proposals is the first step for the main body of the large aircraft project as the main manufacturer to carry out bidding cooperation with potential suppliers in the future. As the cooperation has just entered the initial stage of consultation, the number of local private enterprises and their industries have not been announced

previously, COMAC announced the relevant information inquiry announcement, and a total of more than 400 enterprises submitted applications. After prequalification, more than 110 potential suppliers of airframe structure and system equipment that meet the bidding conditions of COMAC suppliers have been selected

the consultation letter issued this time includes two "work packages" of body information and system information of comac919 large passenger aircraft project. At the meeting, COMAC introduced the work plan for domestic supplier bidding and selection of large passenger aircraft project, as well as the requirements for materials, standard parts and development requirements

Zhang Qingwei, chairman of COMAC, said that the purpose of selecting suppliers through bidding is to adhere to "raise the strength of the country and gather the wisdom of the country", use the market-oriented mechanism, and combine our own initiative with open cooperation to speed up the construction of the supply chain of large passenger aircraft projects, so that these eight projects can be exported to establish a supply chain with Chinese characteristics The project management mode of "main manufacturer supplier" conforms to the market law and the development law of civil aviation

"comac919 large passenger aircraft domestic supplier conference" also spread the news that qualified suppliers through public bidding will provide five categories of products in the field of aviation materials and standard parts for the development of large aircraft projects, including: metal materials and products made as high-quality resin suppliers, non-metallic materials and products, composite materials, standard parts, wires and cables, and general electrical components

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