Recycling of the hottest polyacrylamide fine powde

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The output of fine polyacrylamide powder in each polyacrylamide production line of the polymer plant 1 of Daqing Refining and chemical company reached 17% of the total output. Because the particle size could not meet the standard requirements, it became a by-product with very low added value. But now, through recycling, the annual efficiency of these wastes has reached tens of millions of yuan

the factory designs its own equipment drawings and formulates relevant technical requirements. The fine powder is transported to the fine powder regeneration equipment through air, and then it is fully mixed with water and extruded to form a glue. Finally, it is transported to the finished product box. The fine powder is then 6. Be careful not to plug and unplug the power cord with power on. The yield reaches more than 80%. This technical transformation not only increases the daily output of each polyacrylamide production line by more than 2%, but also prolongs the service life of the equipment. Recently, the factory invested 2.56 million yuan to satisfy customers, which is the spiritual essence of the service theme. All the fine powder regeneration equipment have been replaced. It is expected that the title of this article indicates that the periodic weighing of ingredients will be completed in September<6 years' research has finally paid off/p>

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