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Printing houses: there are almost no lists printed with public funds. In previous years, there were about 20million New Year cards printed. This year, only about 10% of them are left. They are basically for private use. Huguoping, the factory director of Fujian post and Telecommunications printing factory, said frankly that after Fuzhou City issued the ban on greeting cards, there were almost no lists for printing greeting cards with public funds, and many lists that had been issued were also cancelled

in the workshop of Fujian post and Telecommunications printing factory, it was the peak season for the printing of New Year cards and calendars, but the workshop was deserted. In the past, the end of the year was the busiest time, often 24-hour overtime. This year, the business volume fell sharply, and the normal operation of the equipment did not have enough to eat. Huguoping said

most brand manufacturers in Fujian have moved their production to China; On the other hand, the export is also slowing down. The provincial post and Telecommunications printing factory is a state-owned enterprise, and in previous years, it was a large household printing new year cards with public funds. However, after careful inspection, most of the customers printing new year cards this year are private enterprises, and some are postcards for sale at the postal window. There is no party or government organ or state-owned enterprise or institution

on November 1, Hunan Post Company issued a notice to the relevant printing plants to stop printing official greeting cards. At the same time, it announced that it would stop accepting applications for printing official greeting cards from various units, and timely clean up those that still have shortcomings in measurement and have been applied for printing

lishengjun, director of the letter Advertising Bureau of Hunan Post, told that for the official greeting cards that have been applied for printing but have not yet been delivered, it is necessary to accurately measure the torque and change the angle on this fixed scale in the principle of being responsible to the customer, and Hunan Post has completely destroyed them. This batch of greeting cards involved 325 units. The printing cost was about 1.72 million yuan, and the cost was 420000 yuan. All these costs were borne by the postal enterprises

lixiaojun, the person in charge of a printing company in Hefei, told that since October of previous years, he would receive greeting cards and calendar orders from various government units, and the requirements and standards of each unit were very different. Take greeting cards for example. The price ranges from a few Jiao to a few yuan. Since this year, the company's business has shrunk. Fortunately, the leading business of our company is business printing, otherwise it will be greatly impacted

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