Recycling scale of recycled paper exceeds that of

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The recycling scale of recycled paper in waste recycling in the United States exceeds that of steel

the economic development model is based on the utilization of the piston ring outer surface and the cylinder sleeve inner surface ring of the hydraulic system of the concrete pressure testing machine. At present, it is becoming a global trend to search and replace once every time. In the field of recycling of renewable resources, some advanced experiences of developed countries are worth learning and learning from. The largest waste recycling industry in the United States is the recycling of paper products, employing 140000 people, with an annual sales revenue of $50billion, such as collision, followed by steel and casting. In order to raise public awareness of environmental protection, the United States has designated November 15 as "recycling day" every year. Various renewable material utilization associations and non-governmental organizations have also been established in various continents. Stations have been set up to list manufacturers using renewable materials for production and encourage people to buy products made of renewable materials

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