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The performance of the equipment manufacturing industry with red envelopes before the spring festival takes the lead

the performance of the equipment manufacturing industry with red envelopes before the spring festival takes the lead

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Guide: on the 27th, the A-share market opened low and went high. The closing evidence showed that the index rose by 40 points, with a turnover of 116.7 billion, almost double that of the previous trading day. Behind the rise of the market is the positive promotion of the undervalued blue chip represented by the Chinese prefix. Among them, the equipment manufacturing industry takes the lead, China XD, China heavy

on the 27th, the A-share market opened low and went high. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 40 points, with a trading volume of 116.7 billion, almost double that of the previous trading day. Behind the rise in the overall market is the positive promotion of the undervalued blue chips represented by "Chinese prefix". Among them, the equipment manufacturing industry takes the lead, and the equipment manufacturing industries such as China XD, China heavy truck, China first heavy industry and XCMG machinery "have the largest increase in the structure that can be realized in high gloss and matte areas with distinctive ultra-fine texture patterns". Taking a comprehensive view of this week, dark horses in the equipment manufacturing industry occurred frequently, and many large cap blue chips such as COOEC, Jinyi industry and Taiyuan heavy industry reached new highs. Why did the equipment manufacturing industry "show great power" at the beginning of 2011

analyst liuyuanrui told: "The rise of the equipment manufacturing industry has something to do with national policy support. Among the seven emerging industries planned by the state last year, high-end equipment manufacturing was selected for the first time, which has shown the state's strong support attitude. At present, the national '12th Five Year' plan has raised the equipment manufacturing industry to an unprecedented strategic height, which means that the 2017 China aluminum processing and lubrication technology exchange seminar and Anhui Province were held in Suixi economic development zone Huaibei Suixi aluminum industry development high end forum in the future, the state will further give policy support to the equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry is expected to become an industrial hot spot in the process of China's economic operation. From the historical experience, the industry hot spot has always been the hot spot of the A-share market. For example, the plates involved in the No. 1 document every year will be sought after by the market. Therefore, the recent activity of such stocks is mainly caused by the deep excavation of the industry hot spots in the 12th five year plan by mainstream funds. In my opinion, the popularity of this sector will not decrease, but will be further deepened in the continuous speculation. Interested investors can focus on it. "

the equipment manufacturing industry may benefit from downstream enterprises first, which is mainly reflected in two points: the first is the trend of mechanization. With the increase of labor cost, both textile machinery and coal mining equipment will face an unprecedented period of strong demand. Second, China's large-scale government or central enterprise investment. In the 12th Five Year Plan, China will increase investment in high-speed rail, offshore oil, wind power, hydropower, water conservancy projects, environmental protection, UHV, etc., which means that with the increase of investment by the government and large central enterprises, these industries will also face strong demand, especially offshore oil, high-speed rail and other industries, which will have a more obvious pulling effect on the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Moreover, it will also form a chain reaction. For example, high-speed rail has a pulling effect on high-speed axles, high-speed rails, etc. the pulling effect of these industrial chains on economic growth is no less than that of real estate enterprises. Therefore, it is certain that with the advent of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's equipment manufacturing industry, especially the listed companies in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, will usher in new development opportunities, This means that the industry will become the investment theme for a long time in the future

liuyuanrui mainly recommended China National Heavy Duty Truck, XCMG machinery, Shantui Co., Ltd. and julun Co., Ltd. to investors

China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation is the largest manufacturer of trucks above 15 tons in China. The major shareholder, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, has more than 760 models of various types, forming the most complete series of truck products in China at present. The highlight of the company's investment lies in the breakthrough of KD business and parts sales business to meet the international market. KD business has achieved phased results, and has successfully completed basic work such as verification of KD list, preparation of construction site and warehouse equipment, and realized mass production. At present, the company has the most powerful heavy truck technology reserve in China. As a whole, sinotruk has a profound atmosphere of heavy truck research, and has proved its R & D ability in dealing with core engines and emission upgrading. After the joint venture with Manchester United in 2009, the company has possessed heavy truck technology synchronized with the international level; The current heavy truck boom has little impact on SINOTRUK, and the company is about to usher in a high-speed growth period of heavy trucks

XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of main machines and basic parts and components of construction machinery, such as engineering hoisting machinery, pavement and maintenance machinery. It is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic construction machinery industry. Its core product, truck crane, has a monthly production capacity of 2000 sets, with a market share of 55%. After Carlyle became the owner and ran aground, the senior management of XCMG and the senior management of NORINCO had a comprehensive exchange on XCMG's asset restructuring, market development and complementary advantages. If NORINCO group can successfully join XCMG, it will realize the strong combination of XCMG's manufacturing advantages and NORINCO's technological R & D advantages. In addition, with the reform of equity incentive mechanism, it will continue to develop at a high speed in the future. From the perspective of the top ten circulating shareholders in the third quarter of last year, all are funds and other institutions. It can be seen that institutions are very interested in the restructuring of XCMG group by NORINCO group

the main business of Shantui Co., Ltd. is the production and sales of industrial products mainly bulldozers and accessories and commercial products mainly excavators. Bulldozers are mainly used in road construction and large-scale earthwork construction sites. Highway and railway construction is the main driving force for the growth of bulldozer demand. In 2010, the domestic market share reached 55% and the export market share was 68.8%, ranking first in the domestic bulldozer industry. The occupation rate of domestic excavator track is more than 80%. The domestic sales of complete machine business showed a steady growth trend due to the large number of national infrastructure such as expressways and high-speed railways. This year, the recovery of market demand in overseas markets, mainly resource producing countries, is expected to drive the recovery of the company's sales revenue and gross profit margin. The capacity release of the company's projects invested with raised funds and the growth of the new product rotary drill are expected to become the catalyst for the company's future performance growth

julun Co., Ltd. is expected to benefit from the global transfer of tire industry this year. At present, there are about 300 sets of orders in hand, and the production schedule has been scheduled to July 2011. Radial tire molds actively explore overseas markets, cultivate high-quality customer groups, and become Pirelli's largest domestic supplier. In the first half of last year, the company's export revenue was about 60million yuan. It is expected that the annual export volume will be about 120million yuan, a year-on-year increase of about twice. Due to the low export base and the increasing number of new customers, the company expects that the export will still maintain rapid growth in the next few years. Benefiting from government subsidies, the company's non operating income will be sustainable in the future. At present, the global high-end tire industry continues to shift to China. The specialization of tire industry and tire mold industry is the trend of the general trend of steel plate stamping fastener JG 3061 ⑴ 999, and the company is expected to benefit from it

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