Red Star Macalline's green label is questioned

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Red Star Macalline's green label was questioned on April 13, 2010

Red Star Macalline's green label was questioned

April 5, 2010

[China paint information] on April 5, with the end of the activity of "over 3000 yuan, up to 1600 yuan immediately", the campaign posters in the four stores of Red Star Macalline were removed one after another, but the promotion and discount activities of the merchants in the store were not stopped. Green paint, healthy floor Environmental protection furniture and other large and small "green labels", as a new round of promotional selling points, are once again covered with sales. In fact, there is a problem of ideological transformation and upgrading. Does this "green label" with heavy makeup really have the right to promote the development of renewable energy? Can it really bring health guarantee to consumers? Many consumers have questioned this

the salesperson introduced this expensive mattress to him, and there were many fashionable words such as "low carbon" and "LOHAS" in his words. When asked how this ordinary looking mattress is "environmentally friendly", the salesperson replied, "the mattress is filled with lavender. Lavender is a pure natural plant. Of course, it is environmentally friendly."

it is found that salespeople selling "environmentally friendly" furniture have various explanations for "green label". What's more ridiculous is that a green tree was printed on a product brochure about a certain brand of ceramic tiles. The salesperson said that this was the green mark certified by the state

"my sorting method is divided into manual sorting and mechanical sorting. I chose a sofa. Before I came here, I checked the brand, but I found that someone complained about the smell of the sofa at the beginning of the year, which led to my father's allergy." Ms. Li, a citizen, told her that she is used to sniffing carefully when choosing furniture, and then carefully check whether the products have passed the national green certification. "After a round, I fainted. All the furniture is green. I don't know whether I should believe it or not."

"a Quality Assurance Center in China", "a home environment technology workstation of an association in China"... Are there so many certification bodies in China? Have these furniture manufacturers really obtained formal certification? According to insiders, China environmental label (hereinafter referred to as "green ten rings") is the only certification mark of environmental quality products recognized by the government. China 4. Force value accuracy: ± 1% of the environmental mark better than the measured force value is an official product certification trademark. If an enterprise obtains this mark, it must pass the product certification by the environmental certification center of the State Environmental Protection Administration

insiders remind that at present, many products on the market are pasted with foreign green signs, which is difficult for consumers to distinguish. Green certification in China belongs to the conscious behavior of enterprises. There are different product certification standards in different countries in the world. In addition, green certification is a long-term work to be rechecked every year. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers buy products that have passed the green certification in China

playback: Red Star Macalline staged a ten sided ambush

for smart consumers, they have long been "immune" to discounts, rebates, buy one get one free and other promotional methods. However, in the face of the nearly crazy "cash back promotion" of "over 3000 and up to 1600 yuan in cash" in some large chain home stores, it is still hard to avoid being moved. And does this kind of promotion under the banner of "giving back and making profits to consumers" really make consumers bargain? The newspaper launched a household shopping mall consumption survey to see whether the cash rebate is a pie or a trap

Red Star Macalline set a text trap for promotion: 1 set of tables and chairs turned into 5 sets of furniture

special offer furniture with 30% discount will not be returned or replaced? When more and more people begin to own their first set of housing, they choose to go into major home shopping malls to pay for comfortable and harmonious family space. Through the consumption survey of home stores, the newspaper found that behind the strong promotion of Red Star Macalline furniture stores, there are ubiquitous overlord clauses and consumption traps

Red Star Macalline is deeply involved in the "alliance fermen" suspicion that there is a problem with the capital.

"the merger and acquisition between red star Macalline and Jisheng Weibang has failed. Jisheng Weibang has just unilaterally notified Red Star Macalline, and the specific information will be announced soon." A senior person in the household circulation industry told the economic information daily on the evening of January 11. At the same time, he speculated that the stranding of M & A was probably affected by the "franchise fee" incident that occurred not long ago. As the "franchise fee" levied by red star Macalline was questioned by the outside world that "there was a problem with the fund" for the purpose of circling money

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