12 keys to affordable decoration

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12 keys to affordable decoration

most of the decoration demanders are working-class people, and the burden of buying a house has been quite heavy. Coupled with the fact that the decoration cost is not easy, it will naturally consider how to decorate economically. Here are a few money saving ideas that people who have come to decorate and benefit from the decoration economy, hoping to help you truly achieve the decoration economy and benefits

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good design 1 - the selected designer can control the budget, which is one of the keys to achieve economical decoration

a good designer can control spending under the condition of limited budget, make some projects use some cheap materials, ensure the spending plan, and avoid rework costs caused by unnecessary mistakes. If you want to decorate economically, you must have a good designer. A good designer will also provide you with suggestions on the use of materials, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, and avoid direct and indirect losses caused by wrong material selection. To achieve economical decoration, you must need some professional experience

good design 2 - selecting an excellent construction team can eliminate rework, which is the second key to achieving economic and affordable decoration

many decorators said that it is better not to directly find a construction team or acquaintances to decorate by themselves, so as to save money on the surface. In fact, it is impossible to achieve economical decoration in this way, but it is more likely to cause greater economic losses due to wrong choices. Don't look for a newly opened decoration company, because an immature company will cause economic losses due to its mistakes, which may eventually be passed on to the decorators, otherwise the decoration we emphasize is economical and affordable

choose good materials 1 - choose kitchen equipment and consider using domestic products, which is the third key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

cabinets and kitchen appliances in the kitchen are important in the decoration economic budget. Ask workers to make cabinets on site and buy a cheaper kitchen electricity. It really saves money and benefits, but the quality can't be guaranteed. But if you buy imported products, ordinary decorators can't afford this cost at all. Therefore, in order to achieve real economic decoration, kitchen equipment can consider using some domestic products, with guaranteed quality, and the price is several times cheaper than imported products. Among the domestic cabinets, the quality of Ono, Jiashi, Lifeng, etc. are all good. They all start from the perspective of affordable decoration, and the natural price is much lower than that of imports

choose good materials 2 - solid wood composite flooring can be considered when choosing flooring, which is the fourth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

flooring is the main part of the decoration economic budget. Now the price of solid wood flooring is high. If a house is paved, the cost is quite high, and the usual maintenance is also very important. Therefore, if you need to decorate economically, we suggest that you can use solid wood composite floor instead of solid wood floor. Compared with the floor of the same grade, there is at least one-third of the price difference, and the solid wood composite floor is not easy to crack, and the service life is longer. You really can't ignore one thing and lose the other if you want to decorate economically

choose good materials 3 - choose ordinary products in brand sanitary ware, which is the fifth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

some decorators haggle over many details to save money, but on the other hand, they spend a lot of money to buy a toilet with several thousand yuan each. In fact, there is little difference in quality between a toilet of about 1000 yuan and a toilet of 5000 yuan, some of which are just differences in style. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can consider the ordinary products in the brand sanitary ware. If you want to make the whole decoration economical, you can't ignore this point

choose good materials 4 - choose ordinary products in brand paint, which is the sixth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

when buying paint, you can choose ordinary products of famous brands, whether they are five in one or three in one, or the second or third generation. In fact, their effects are not different, and the quality is guaranteed. At present, many paint problems are caused by excessive mixing of water. No matter how good the material is, the quality is worse than that of ordinary products. Although we should emphasize the economic benefits of decoration, we should consider the internal reasons. It is also not advisable to blindly pay attention to the economic benefits of decoration

choose good materials 5 - domestic brands can be considered when choosing faucets, which is the seventh key to achieving economic and affordable decoration

when choosing faucets, ordinary decorators should not choose imported products because they are worried about quality problems. In fact, the quality of some domestic faucets is also very good. If you choose a domestic brand leader, its price will be several times cheaper than imported products. Among the domestic faucets, the quality of some brands such as green sun, Shenluda and poplar is good, which must be a lot in all links of achieving economic decoration

choose good materials 6 - choose ceramic tiles to consider domestic second-line brands, which is the eighth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

the cost of buying ceramic tiles also accounts for a considerable proportion of the expenditure in the decoration. Therefore, when purchasing, it is only necessary to choose domestic second-line brands. The quality is qualified, and the price can be much cheaper, which to a large extent meets the economic benefits of decoration. In addition, when laying kitchen tiles, you can buy some cheap tiles to lay under and behind the cabinets. Anyway, if you want to be blocked by the cabinets, why spend more money. In fact, it's also good not to stick tiles behind the cabinet, and you can also save some yellow sand cement and labor costs. You see, it's not very difficult to achieve economic decoration

moderate decoration 1 - you can consider abandoning the background wall, which is the ninth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

now when decorating, people pay more attention to the embellishment of soft decoration, so those cumbersome TV background walls are not inevitable. The background walls are not only expensive, but also easy to be out of date. Most of the decoration is economical, but don't forget that simplicity is also a kind of beauty. This kind of decoration is economical. It can be said to kill several birds with one stone. Therefore, it is suggested that decorators can consider making a simple and refreshing background wall when designing the living room. It's also good to decorate the wall with a few paintings, which are flexible and can be replaced at any time. We suggest that when considering the economic benefits of decoration, we should focus on changing our thinking, don't you think

moderate decoration 2 - the less ceiling decoration, the better. This is the tenth key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

nowadays, decorators are pursuing a simple style, and ceiling decoration has gradually become unpopular. Therefore, when decorating, the ceiling can be hung as little as possible. The ceiling is too fancy, and no one will always stare at it, which is quite expensive. The cumbersome construction of ceiling not only increases the material expenditure, but also the corresponding labor cost. Therefore, to decorate economically, we can start from the cancellation of inappropriate ceiling

moderate decoration 3 - Decorative cabinets can not be used as cabinet doors, which is the key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

many families will make bookshelves and some display cabinets at home, mainly for personal collections or some books, so they can consider not making cabinet doors, because the cost of ordering several cabinet doors is not cheap. Not making a cabinet door can not only save some money, but also increase the decorative effect of the display cabinet. This is a trick in the theme of affordable decoration

moderate decoration 4 - ask the manufacturer to process ceramic tile mosaic, which is the key to achieve economic and affordable decoration

as we all know, computers can be DIY. Most of them are also considered from the economic aspect. If we want to decorate economically, sometimes we can also use this method

some decorators like to customize the marble mosaic on the floor of the porch. If you invite a professional business to do it, the price is certainly not cheap. At this time, you can ask your own designer to describe the pattern of the mosaic, and then ask the ceramic tile manufacturer to process it. The calculated price will be much more cost-effective. Simple ceramic tile processing made of parquet, can also achieve good results. Decoration can also be DIY, have you considered it

the economic benefits of decoration focus on thinking carefully, and the economic benefits of decoration focus on using your brain to solve





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