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Oushennuo balcony big transformation 4 Secrets, ordinary people I don't tell him

01: balcony becomes study

sunshine study should be designed with full consideration of sunshine hygiene, so it is recommended to design two curtains. The bookcase should be protected from direct sunlight to prevent fading

effect drawing of osheno ceramic American style balcony

02: balcony is changed into bedroom

the first consideration of balcony into bedroom is safety, functionality, and convenience, followed by whether the cost is reasonable, and then whether the construction is convenient

? The most suitable is to transform into tatami, which is clean and comfortable. Tatami is designed with ulterior motives, close to nature, and make good use of some of the remaining space. It is also a place for leisure, and can also play the role of a bedroom. You can also add some wall cabinet designs to facilitate storage

03: balcony into restaurant

transforming balcony into restaurant can be said to be the best choice

effect drawing of Oushennuo ceramic Chinese style balcony

? Open balcony, with plants to create an aerial garden, wood colored furniture to further improve the texture

04: balcony into kitchen

conditions for balcony to transform the kitchen:

whether the balcony can be transformed into a kitchen is conditional. First of all, we need to consider whether the house type has the conditions for transformation

1. Have the conditions of water supply and drainage:

the conditions of water supply mean that the water supply from the balcony should be directly connected with the drainage pipe of the kitchen; Or the drainage of the balcony is connected with the pipe well. The water supply condition refers to: when the kitchen is adjacent to and connected with the balcony, when these two conditions are met, the line leading the kitchen water pipe to the balcony should be designed in advance

2. Whether the balcony is adjacent to or connected with the kitchen:

effect drawing of osheno ceramic simple style kitchen + balcony

3. Whether the transformation of smoke exhaust duct is feasible:

the balcony decoration transformation cannot privately change the gas pipeline. Under normal circumstances, gas pipelines can be changed, but the transformation must be exposed and paved, and concealed works must not be implemented. Therefore, if the balcony transforms the kitchen, you should contact the gas company in advance

effect drawing of osheno ceramic American style balcony

transformation precautions for balcony transformation Kitchen:

1. Ventilation of balcony transformation Kitchen:

because the installation of lampblack in the kitchen will affect the indoor light, it is also a good choice to install exhaust fans on the windows. However, if we install exhaust fans, the living environment may be affected by the oil smoke, which may cause disputes between neighbors, and cleaning is more troublesome

2. Don't dismantle the load-bearing wall of the kitchen when transforming the balcony:

if the balcony is an old balcony, then the load-bearing wall must not be dismantled or altered. The construction principle and plan of the old house make the bearing wall determine the structural stability of the whole balcony. Once it is demolished, it is easy to cause serious safety hazards

effect drawing of simple style balcony of Oushennuo ceramics

3. Protection of gas pipeline in balcony transformed Kitchen:

gas pipeline should be protected in balcony transformed kitchen. During decoration design, do not install the power plug near the gas pipeline, but maintain a distance of more than 1 meter. Removing the fixed pipe clamp on the gas pipeline at will may loosen the gas pipeline, cause gas leakage and harm personal safety

rendering of Oushennuo ceramic Chinese style balcony

the above is about "house prices are rising, and balcony space should also be used!" Introduction of

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