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On July 10, 2018, the national customized home furnishing and door and window industry dealer survey excellent brand award ceremony was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

on July 10, 2018, the national customized home furnishing and door and window industry dealer survey excellent brand award ceremony was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of more than 800 guests from furniture, door and window enterprise representatives, dealers and media friends from all over the country jointly attended the grand meeting and witnessed the award ceremony of the five awards of the event. Bangyuan famous craftsman home furnishing enterprises were invited to attend, and won the "top 30 full house customization" award, and returned with honors

in the "2018 national survey of dealers in customized home furnishing and door and window industry" which lasted nearly two months, a total of 608 brands participated in the evaluation, and more than 4million dealers voted. After fierce selection, bangyuan famous craftsman won the support of the majority of dealers with its strong operation support system and high reputation brand reputation, and stood out among many brands, winning the "top 30 full house customization" award in the industry dealer survey

bangyuan famous craftsman came to the stage to receive the award

this grand ceremony aims to commend enterprises that have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions to creating customized home brands, set an example for the customization industry, encourage the customization enterprises to work hard, and promote the rapid development of China's customized brands

implement intelligent product manufacturing in action

in the current consumption environment, customized home furnishings have the opportunity to win a higher market share. However, the overall home design customization has a long industrial chain from front-end design to back-end split order production. On the production side, many enterprises have problems such as high error rate, difficult docking and high cost. With the rise of raw materials and labor costs, if the production efficiency is not improved, it will become a shackle to the development of customized home brands

in the face of the customized home market with rapid growth and strong demand, as well as the pain points of difficult connection between the front and rear ends of the industrial chain and low production efficiency, bangyuan famous craftsman spent a lot of money to introduce German Haomai production line, build an industrial 4.0 production base, and truly realize all digital design, production and sales. For example, in order to save energy and reduce emissions in the production process, bangyuan famous craftsman introduced foreign fully automatic edge banding technology; In order to reduce the error rate, bangyuan famous craftsman introduced advanced technology to increase the material utilization rate by 5%. What is more known in the industry is that the birth of bangyuan famous craftsman's "five-star backstage security system" has refreshed the delivery date of customized home furnishings

pioneer in building a green home life

as consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection home life, today's overall home customization market, a variety of environmental protection products emerge in endlessly. No matter whether these products really have environmental protection characteristics or not, the concept of "health and environmental protection" has become an important driving force for the overall household brand in product building. In fact, for the pursuit of healthy and environmentally friendly home, bangyuan famous craftsman has a long-term vision. From the beginning of the establishment of the brand, he put forward the brand mission of providing consumers with a healthy home life, which has been practiced for 14 years

for example, as an international mainstream board, zero formaldehyde pollution-free European pine board, bangyuan famous craftsman took the lead in importing "formaldehyde free European pine board" in the furniture industry, providing a safe home for green environmental protection, and opening a new era of aldehyde in the customized furniture industry. In addition, bangyuan famous craftsman took the lead in realizing the wide use of various formaldehyde free materials from a single substrate to edge banding strips, decorative lines, coating films, glues and so on, achieving the goal of product environmental protection grade from E1 to E0 or even "0", and solving the harm of indoor formaldehyde to a great extent. Not only that, on the basis of ensuring product quality, bangyuan famous craftsman's products also follow the line of being close to the people in terms of price, upgrading without raising the price, and responsibly provide people with products with high cost performance

size up the situation and practice the road of "small space home maker"

we say that the success of an industry does not only depend on speed, but also on product quality and brand recognition between consumers and dealers; The famous craftsman of bangyuan put them first all the time! We will continue to innovate, strengthen our stores from the aspects of product research and development, helping dealers, and improving the overall service efficiency, so as to improve the reputation of bangyuan famous craftsman in the terminal, and build a big brand of the overall wardrobe with a good reputation

taking this as the starting point, bangyuan famous craftsman carried out a series of terminal marketing activities in the first half of the year, including factory direct selling, President signing, provincial linkage, hundred cities opening, etc., and achieved satisfactory results; At the same time, staff will be stationed in the store to help, quickly introduce a systematic profit model for the store, and ensure the survival rate and profitability of the store

whether it's custom furniture franchising or overall wardrobe agency, bangyuan famous craftsman has always put the interests of dealers first. The 1818 opening support, bangyuan famous craftsman's "customization link" online and offline interactive applet, and eight support policies all reflect the intention and dedication of bangyuan famous craftsman to the custom furniture industry

looking at the domestic overall home furnishing market, as a subtle and slightly warped home furnishing brand that uses the storage function, bangyuan famous craftsman has been focusing on the design, research and development, production and sales of customized furniture for civil use since its establishment in 2004, positioning the maker of small space home furnishings, focusing on the field of green zero formaldehyde "small space" home customization with the heart of the maker, solving the pain points of small space, and advocating in limited space, Create infinite possibilities for the flexibility of Chinese families and release the heart space. Over the years, bangyuan famous craftsman has gained a firm foothold and soared in the market with the unique advantage of "small home customization", which is related to its grasp of home consumption groups. This year, more forward-looking and in line with the trend of the development of the overall home customization style will be launched, and the combination of quality and service will create a higher competitiveness, and continue to create a new upgrade of terminal marketing and brand influence

bangyuan famous craftsman always adheres to the spirit of "craftsman", strives for survival with quality, strives for development with reputation, leads life with culture, and builds a brand with pragmatism. Bangyuan famous craftsmen work together to create a bright future, excite the world with strength and spirit, and lead the future of the industry. This honor is not only the recognition of the whole home furnishing industry for the product quality and service of bangyuan famous craftsman, but also the affirmation of the implementation of the brand marketing strategy of bangyuan famous craftsman in 2018





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