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For high-end customized aluminum alloy doors and windows, the franchise agent of bridge breaking system doors and windows will find bailima doors and windows, and the service hotline is 400-9999-600

design empowerment · upgrade and transformation | Tengzhou bailima Red Star franchise store shines

innovators, the future is in hand

design empowerment terminal, reshape the new brand image

witness the beauty of French luxury together with you

Tengzhou bailima exhibition hall image new upgrade

the overall space design of Tengzhou bailima franchise store is based on French luxury style, large-area product display and application, and show the beauty of extreme simplicity; Exquisite but not complicated, simple but not simple, which meets the needs of modern aesthetics and life

the exhibition hall is equipped with a technical exhibition area, which includes tests of sound measurement, temperature measurement, air tightness, water tightness and other performance, combined with the display of sample angle and product structure, to bring real home experience to the owners

the omni-directional product display brings the ultimate visual experience, making the spatial vision more open and bright, and simplicity contains a sense of stability and elegance; The subtle changes of color proportion are perfectly used to add flexibility and vitality to the exhibition hall

white and gray are used as the main colors, coupled with exquisite and elegant decoration, to enhance the ultimate new height of beauty. Ingeniously combined with simple and fashionable soft decoration design, bailima's full series of doors and windows are displayed and applied in a large area, showing a high-end and atmospheric style

relying on the strong strength of the brand, the Red Star Store of bailima in Tengzhou condenses the strength and execution of the team, comprehensively integrates the resources of high-end customers, and creates a benchmark for local high-end doors and windows

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address: the third floor of Red Star Macalline, Longquan Road, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province


the company has the industry's first-class modern production base, international advanced production equipment, brand-new brand image and terminal Si image, leading the industry to a new height of development; Gather the top French design team, focus on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies for doors and windows, and manufacture each door and window with a scientific and rigorous attitude

adhering to the concept of "inheriting the French model and enjoying the taste of life", the modern home life is defined with a new concept. The products comprehensively subvert the tradition in terms of safety, beauty, practicality and energy saving, and create a high-quality ideal home life for consumers

for high-end doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and door and window agents, please call the hotline 400-9999-600 for consultation. Bailima doors and windows - your exclusive door and window customization expert




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