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In order to deeply cultivate the market, consolidate the brand foundation and realize a new leap of the brand, Langsheng Group invested heavily in CCTV-1 comprehensive channel "Morning News", CCTV-2 financial channel "home for dinner", CCTV-7 military agricultural channel "military life", and CCTV-10 science and education channel "road to health". LANXESS group chose to implement the brand promotion strategy through CCTV on the occasion of the new year, which fully demonstrated the confidence and determination of LANXESS group to become bigger and stronger in the new stage. By cooperating with CCTV, Langsheng group is well-known as one of the benchmark brands of the aluminum alloy group system

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strong forces work together to promote a new leap

on the eve of the national gold medal store manager training meeting of LANXESS "unstoppable, win the future", Hubei Tianmen station, LANXESS Group officially launched a new series of themed image advertisements on CCTV, CCTV-1 integrated channel "Morning News" from Monday to Sunday, December 12, CCTV-2 financial channel "go home for dinner" from Monday to Friday CCTV-7 military agricultural channel "military life" starts broadcasting from Monday to Sunday, CCTV-10 science and education channel "road to health" starts broadcasting from Monday to Sunday, and CCTV network shows it all the year round. One door, one horizon, one window, one scenery, like the first ray of sunshine in the morning, will send Langsheng's love to thousands of families and bloom the beauty of happiness

as we all know, CCTV-1 comprehensive channel, CCTV-2 financial channel, CCTV-7 military and agricultural channel and CCTV-10 science and education channel, as the core media of CCTV, affect the mainstream population in Chinese society and even the world, especially the middle class and political and business elites. They are indispensable "TV dinners" for many people, with great coverage and influence

focus on the common development of LANXESS

as an authoritative media, choosing cooperative brands is also highly demanding and high standard. The reason why Langsheng group can join hands with CCTV is its good reputation and excellent industry influence. It is understood that in the aluminum alloy door and window industry, Huangpai and Xinhaoxuan can successfully pass the CCTV audit. Langsheng group adopts high-quality titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, and resolutely does not use recycled aluminum. The production process and technology is based on the introduction of German technology, and then independent research and development, with the spirit of craftsman to produce aluminum door and window system products like works of art. This time, together with CCTV, we will truly realize the beautiful vision of "brand and quality synchronization, and win-win between enterprises and society"

LANXESS group makes happiness bloom

"blooming the beauty of happiness" is the vision of LANXESS doors and windows. What supports this vision is excellent product quality, outstanding technological innovation, and a good market reputation that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which is recognized in the industry. However, with the development of market environment and the improvement of living standards, consumers have put forward new high requirements for home system doors and windows. It not only needs high-quality products, but also needs extremely perfect services, but also needs to meet its own personalized characteristics, which poses new challenges to door and window enterprises

we believe that the new normal breeds new opportunities. In 2017, as the leader in the aluminum alloy door and window industry, LANXESS group successfully continued to write a magnificent chapter of LANXESS group, making Chinese all over the world fall in love with the installation of LANXESS doors and windows by taking the new industrial park of LANXESS group as the basis for brand construction, the new brand jinpulang doors and windows as the link for group promotion, the new leap of LANXESS doors and windows as the foundation for the group, and CCTV advertising as the two wings of brand take-off The home of kimprang doors and windows, the world blooms the beauty of happiness

golden Planck doors and windows is subordinate to Hong Kong LANXESS Group Co., Ltd. its main business brands are: Hong Kong LANXESS group Foshan (LANXESS doors and windows) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong LANXESS group Foshan (Golden Planck doors and windows) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong LANXESS group Foshan (auvel aluminum profile aluminum) Co., Ltd. Jinpulang door and window store has been favored by consumers all over the country with high cost performance and high-quality service, and its sales volume is leading. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of LANXESS group, LANXESS Group continues to bloom the beauty of happiness and serve every family well





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