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Nowadays, in the traditional wardrobe industry, the official website, wechat, Weibo and other "new media" marketing has been played by various brands. Industry insiders said that with the rapid development of mobile Internet, it is a general trend for traditional enterprises to use new media to achieve marketing innovation. New media + customized wardrobe to achieve new marketing! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

the marketing charm of "new media" is infinite.

it is reported that compared with traditional media, new media is a new media form developed from traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television. It uses digital technology, network technology and mobile technology, and then through Internet, wireless communication network, wired network and other channels, as well as computers, mobile phones, digital television and other terminals, Provide users with the communication form and media form of information

compared with traditional media, new media has the advantages of fast propagation and updating and low cost; Large amount of information and rich content; Convenient retrieval; Multimedia communication; Strong interaction and other characteristics. Many enterprises are attracted by these "Charms" and have changed the form of communicating product information and brand information to users, from traditional forms such as newspapers, magazines, television to we media operations, namely official website, wechat, Weibo and other forms. These characteristics of new media have subverted the traditional marketing mode of wardrobe enterprises, and its impact on the development of wardrobe enterprises is also unspeakable

wardrobe enterprises realize marketing innovation

in the fierce market competition, the traditional and single marketing model has been unable to meet the needs of wardrobe enterprises, and it is not conducive to enterprises to deal with competition. Therefore, as the advantages of "new media" become more and more obvious, wardrobe enterprises can break through the siege with the help of "new media"

however, it is not so easy for wardrobe enterprises to do a good job in marketing under new media. Only by combining their own conditions and formulating relevant "new media" marketing strategies, can they further promote the brand and seize the market opportunity

for example, when a wardrobe enterprise puts advertisements on its website, it needs to use pictures, words, videos and other forms of publicity, which can increase the vividness and interactivity of advertisements and form a better publicity effect

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