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The house type of three bedrooms and two living rooms itself is quite large. Coupled with the modern and simple decoration style, the whole moment has become a big space. Modern simple decoration style is generally based on white, which is clean and elegant, but white decoration is easy to make people feel boring. In fact, a little creative embellishment is needed to solve it. The following Xiaobian will recommend you a modern simple decoration case of three rooms and two halls in Optics Valley new world. Come and see how others dress up their homes

decoration owner files:

community: Optics Valley New World (more decoration renderings of Optics Valley New World) house type: three bedroom and two hall decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: face-to-face decoration

Design Description: white decoration is clean and elegant, which is the preferred color for people's indoor decoration, but white decoration can easily make the space fall into a monotonous dilemma, However, it only needs a little embellishment to create a super extraordinary effect

effect drawing of modern simple living room decoration of three bedrooms and two halls in Optics Valley New World (Figure)

the protruding fireplace wall not only beautifies the living room, but also greatly enhances the three-dimensional sense of the space. Due to the protruding design of the fireplace wall, the sunken space on both sides has become a storage and display platform, which also balances the indoor layout, so that the background wall is not too monotonous

effect drawing of modern simple porch decoration of three rooms and two halls in Optics Valley New World (Figure)

the natural integration of retro simple wooden benches and wooden floors creates a strong retro flavor for the porch space, and forms a strong contrast with the modern decoration of walls, doors and windows. The visual impact makes the space more attractive. The hanging picture with black frame and white background is integrated into the wall to enhance the visual three-dimensional sense

effect drawing of decoration of modern simple restaurant with three bedrooms and two halls in Optics Valley New World (Figure)

the large-area windows make the kitchen space spacious and bright, and the white cabinets play the storage function, and maintain a unified style with the windows, making the kitchen more harmonious as a whole. The built-in appliances make more available space for the kitchen, and the black bar in the middle of the kitchen facilitates the placement of food and kitchen utensils

effect drawing of modern simple study decoration in three rooms and two halls of Optics Valley New World (Figure)

dark blue bookshelves are integrated with the wall, which realizes the storage function and saves the additional space occupied by independent bookshelves. The marble door, golden rattan chair and zebra carpet make the study unique

effect drawing of modern simple bedroom decoration of three bedrooms and two halls in Optics Valley New World (Figure)

the traditional bedstead shows simplicity and simplicity, and the black-and-white collocation is more classic, which also makes the three-dimensional sense of the sleeping area more obvious. The huge white curtain is hung horizontally on the top shelf instead of the traditional mosquito net, which is simple and elegant

decoration effect drawing of modern simple bathroom with three bedrooms and two halls in Optics Valley New World (picture)

dig a certain space on the wall and add a partition to make it a storage space for towels, with a neat appearance and convenient access. The washing table and the locker are integrated to save space and increase the storage function. Bathtubs and wooden chairs add a sense of antiquity to the bathroom, and the frosted design of the window position is very intimate

decoration list of the owner's home:

lamps: bedroom and living room lamps bought from Taobao 1000 yuan

floor: natural floor activity price 11 ・ 5 yuan/piece

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 11.5 yuan/flat

bathtub: Jiumu bathroom 2500 yuan

bed: Caesar Haoting European luxury bed 4000 yuan

Optics Valley new world three bedroom and two living room family plan

[introduction to Optics Valley new world community] The Optics Valley New World project is located in the central urban area of the Optics Valley, facing the Optics Valley Biotechnology Park in the East, the Optics Valley financial center in the south, Guanshan Avenue, the main road of the Optics Valley in the west, and Huazhong University of science and technology in the north. The planned land area of the project is more than 200 mu, and various functions such as residence, office, business, shopping, culture and entertainment, recreation, etc. are combined, interact and interact to form a value chain. This highly intensive block building group will become a landmark building in Optics Valley New Area

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