Canadian banks can no longer do transactions with

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Canadian banks can no longer do transactions with Russian Central Bank - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Effective Mondayreport says - Today News Post, all Canadian financial institutions are prohibited from engaging in any transaction with the Russian Central BankThe second quarter o, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has announcedThe Kumbh Mela, which runs through April, comes during India.

In lockstep with G7 partners including the United StatesThe first confirmed case o, Canada has moved to stop any transactions with the Russian Federation’s main financial institutionThe internet where people can purchase goods anonymously using bitcoin., in response to Russian President Vladmir Putin’s ongoing invasion of UkraineThe total case count includes 13 confirmed cases among repatriated travellers..

Sanctioning the Russian Central Bank is an unprecedented step, as it is “the first time a central bank of a G20 country has been sanctioned in this way,” according to the Finance Department.

This move, and the imposed asset freeze and halting of dealings with Russian sovereign wealth funds, are aimed at prohibiting Russia from tapping into any international currency reserves to further finance its attacks on Ukraine.

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